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Construction of Water treatment plant project

Our company job in this project was clear from the beginning. By breaking down the project in two the three phases, which are intake phases consisting of Raw Water Settling Pond / Pre-Sedimentation: processing phases consisting of Sedimentation: Filtration ponds and out let phases includes Chlorine pond and pumping out lets for trucks.

Raw Water Settling Pond / Pre-Sedimentation

Here is where the treatment process really begins. The raw water-settling pond holds the water diverted from the Nile River for a couple of purposes. The primary purpose of the raw water-settling pond is to allow much of the sand and debris to naturally settle out of the water before it is pumped to the water treatment plant through 4’’HDPE Pipes in 4 line intakes.

Step 1 Sedimentation

The water from raw water-settling pond then flows to the next major unit process, the sedimentation process. The purpose of the sedimentation process is to remove suspended solids (particles) that are denser (heavier) than water and to reduce the particulate load on the filters.

Step 2 Filtration

The chlorinated settled water then flows by gravity into the Filtration Facility and onto the filters for the major unit processes used to treat the end user water. Filtration is the process of passing water through material such as a bed of coal, sand, or other granular substance to remove particulate impurities that were not removed during the sedimentation process.

Step 3 Chlorine Adding pond

The water that is collected from the bottom of the filters is then considered potable. Before the water leaves the water treatment plant chlorine is added a second time for post-disinfection. The additional chlorine ensures that the water remains safe to drink even at the furthest reaches of the distribution system. Finally it gets pumped to the trucks where it reaches the end user. 

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